CEO Collectives are a time-tested, carefully designed forum for presenting strategic business challenges for all-important objective feedback and perspective from fellow operating CEOs.

Each collective represents a selectively curated group of CEOs

Each group of CEOs is chosen for their complementary skills, businesses, and personalities. Directed by a Strategic Facilitator, Collectives meet regularly in a highly structured environment that focuses on individual preparedness; an agenda comprised solely of strategic challenges; and a methodology that enables efficient, pointed insight. These are no networking groups – CEO Collectives drive results and accountability in a way no peer group can.

You’ve got CEOs of public companies, privately held, bootstrapped, small entrepreneurial companies and large conglomerates – you’ve got to be on your toes. Everyone is in the moment, there are no distractions, people are well-prepared for the meetings, and you need to be.
— David MacKeen, CEO, Eliassen Group

How CEO Collectives Are Formed

Meticulous and thorough screening is just the beginning.  Our Strategic Facilitators are careful to match members of each collective with others of similar leadership acumen and needs.



Annual CEO Summit

Each year we invite our members and other distinguished members of the business community to gather for a unique opportunity to network, engage and learn from each other.  The CEO Summit offers the membership the chance to break from business as usual, to connect and enlighten one another.

A Year of Membership

What will your year as part of the CEO Collective look like?  Monthly 1-to-1's, group meetings, connections made, positive reinforcement of how we do it right and more.




What's In a Meeting?

Every month, members are brought together to discuss the business at hand.  Everyone is prepared and vetted by 1:1 discussions with our Strategic Facilitators. This will be the most important meeting on your calendar.