The CEO Collective Announces 2013 CEO of the Year Awards

Outstanding Leaders Selected by Elite Groups of Their Peers


Boston, MA (January 21, 2014) – The CEO Collective, one of Boston’s foremost CEO Networks run by the Raffoni Group, recently announced its annual CEO of the Year Awards. These awards are presented at the CEO Collective’s annual retreat, a gathering of approximately 40 of the region’s preeminent CEOs. Nominated and ultimately chosen by their individual peer group members, award winners are those CEOs the groups feel best exemplify the qualities of an outstanding CEO and leader.


The CEO Collective connects these leaders through ongoing strategy sessions and rigorously structured dialogue throughout the year.  Facilitated by the experts at the Raffoni Group, members of the network are carefully selected for their experience, strategic acumen, their proven record of success, promise of future success, and most importantly, their “humble confidence.”  They consistently call upon each other to execute meaningful change and action, and want to engage in strategic discussion to push their peers’ thinking and sharpen their CEO skill sets. They are achievers, risk-takers, bold visionaries and enlightened leaders who inspire and challenge one another every day to reach their fullest potential.


The 2013 CEO of the Year Awards were given to Josh McCall, Chairman and CEO of Jack Morton Worldwide; Nick Gaehde, CEO of Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.; and Vic Odryna, CEO of ZeeVee.  Each was recognized for a unique set of strengths they bring to their group as well as their individual accomplishments over the past year.  McCall was recognized for consistently mentoring and pushing his group further towards excellence, his thoughtfulness and focus and for bringing compelling trends and issues to the forefront time and again.  Gaehde, whose company was strategically acquired this past year, was recognized for sticking to his vision and ensuring the acquisition remained focused on what was best for the company and its shareholders.  Odryna realized significant business growth in the past year, overcoming significant hurdles in the process but staying on track to execute his vision, which his peers felt was unparalleled in his group. 


The CEO of the Year award is not given lightly.  Each group needs to feel that its members are honestly listening and remaining proactive in their interactions with each other. “This is a great honor to be recognized by my peers. The CEO Collective exists to help member CEOs challenge and support one another to become better leaders and achieve our individual company goals. I am gratified by this recognition of my contributions to the success of others, as well as my ability to effectively act-upon the advice of my peers,” said Nick Gaehde.


Melissa Raffoni, CEO of the Raffoni Group, stated that the nominations and awards “illustrate the dedication and commitment that our program members have to each other’s success, which I continue to find it quite incredible, year after year.” Echoing Gaehde’s remarks, Raffoni also said that “one of the things that our CEOs tell me they love about our program is the accountability they have to each other.  They consistently drive each other towards success, with award winners seeming to strive even harder the next year, and non-winners aspiring to be the next year’s recipient.”


About the Raffoni Group

The Raffoni Group has represented Boston's premier CEO network for over a decade. Their experience and carefully curated network of CEOs puts the power of active reciprocity in motion and enables CEOs to achieve great things.  Members of their invitation only collectives are carefully screened to ensure true peer representation and mutual "fit" that enables them to use their time spent with the group in the most meaningful way.  These groups are not simply support groups--they are programs that use proven methodologies to help CEOs identify, articulate, and execute intelligent business strategy. As a result, their member CEOs represent some of the most strategic minds in business.